Day 5: Lake Tahoe, CA


I hope everyone’s day went great- mine was a spurt of bad, a spurt of good; bittersweet. Definitely exceeded the goal for today. After speaking with people in Pollock Pines last night, I was sure that it’d take two days to get here. But, I just kept on riding, past Strawberry, CA, past 6000 ft, past 7000, and then coasted into south lake Tahoe. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Thanks goes to Trevor, Connie, and the owner of Wattabikes- you all made me very happy to keep moving! Everyone, check out Wattabikes when you go to Lake Tahoe in the future- coolest shop ever!

The bitter part: I didn’t really know how to tell you all this last night.. but, DougTrails is now a solo mission. I can undeniably handle this extra challenge! But, I’m sorry to say ‘see you soon’ to my good friend Chrissy, because she was a lot of fun to ride with. In short, Chrissy knows that she’ll be back to finish this journey another time, she’s just going to do lots more mountain riding to prepare! I can’t wait to ride with her after I get back!

So yes; I’m staying safe, I’m staying healthy, and I’m exhausted! I’ll catch up with you more soon!

Enjoy the clip!

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One Response to Day 5: Lake Tahoe, CA

  1. Sorry to hear about Christie! I hope she is doing OK.

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