Day 3: Cool, CA


So if you were keeping up with my tweets today, you know that I hit the mountains today! And yeah, they hit full force, at the end of the day anyway. But as is the case, I’ll try to recap the whole day.

So where did I sleep last night, you wonder? Last night, we set up camp in a high school field! Er, off to the side of one. Only feet away, there was the track and inside it was the football field. Perfect! We chose not to sleep near the sprinklers (!) and had no problem setting up, even after dark. Fast forward to this morning: when we woke up, there was already people walking the track! They didn’t give us problems. Instead they were super-nice! This one man who was jogging started up a convo and even mentioned that he’d gone to the school many years ago. Made me smile. Winters, CA gets :my: seal of approval. Go there!

It was warm today, and sunny and even not windy. Perfect weather! We took advantage of this and rode from 8am onward. No flats for me, all day! We traveled to Sacramento by noon, then grabbed hold of Folsom Blvd for a fast and rolling journey towards the mountains. It lead through Folsom, then through Auburn, the host of a stage or part of the stage of the tour of California! Aptly placed, as Auburn was very hilly.

Turned down rt 49 in Auburn toward sudden pain: mountains! They sucked, but I took advantage of every resource and skill I had. This included Icees, Airheads candy, and frequent stops. Chances are, we did 5,000 feet of climbing today. Yay? Felt good honestly.

Not so much for my compadre, as she eventually decided to just stop. So without any other option at all, I asked the man across the street if we could camp on his property. Sweet! He said sure. John and his wife were awesome- I’m particularly impressed by how John was once a kayaker sponsored by Perception, the make of mine too. Thanks, you two!

Last thing: the stars out here are amazing.

Keep rooting for me, I’ll keep trying to be safe in return. As much as I might be inspiring others, you’re giving me strong reason to push through anything I get thrown! Go you!

Talk tomorrow,


PS: I’m still in need of donations for the raisin hope foundation and DougTrails! Go to GoFundMe!

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One Response to Day 3: Cool, CA

  1. Hello Doug and Christie: Thank you for your posting. It is good to hear people aren’t totally paranoid about staying on their land. Congratulations! You can conquer Mountains!

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