The final [train] stretch!


Today is day 3 of the Amtrak train awesomeness. Really- it’s fun. And ending the train-trip cross-country like this is really great. We woke up to vast numbers of mountains and peaks and geological features all around us; very almost surreal. Mountains have a spiritual feeling about them, at least for me. I see these structures (mountains) that humans :didn’t: make but are :still: a challenge and accomplishment to climb, traverse, or even just stand in place on. It’s funny, we associate old, crazy people as the only ones who live on the sides of mountains… at least it seems that way from old fables and movies! (being a teacher keeps me in touch with childhood stereotypes, of course.)

As always, the day’s been ‘wild’. Amidst all these threats and worries of our train arriving in CA in the wee hours of the morning, we tried to devise the best plan for getting to San Francisco in the shortest amount of time possible. Choices varied from getting off the train in Reno, NV and renting a car and driving, to splitting up the crew, and finally, most realistically, just simply riding this train all the way in. When the news came that we’re projected to be there by midnight, I had it set that we’d stick to the original plan. 🙂

Some funny and awesome things happened and were done on the train today. Would I have it any one way? Aside from meeting tons of awesome people, I managed to get proposed to by an elderly woman, build my tent in the storage room, secure some potential places to stay, and even got a box of Cliff bars donated to the mission! Oh, and I also saw my arch-nemesis: desert. It goes like this: San Fran, hills, mountains, desert, mountains, plains, mountains, and the finally, flat to the beach. Woo DougTrails TBI tour 2011!






I’ll try to update more in a bit. You rock!


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