Slow down, Amtrak!


Main thing: our Amtrak train is way behind schedule. We should have been long past Denver, CO by now, but instead we haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s just the way things go, I suppose. We’re all enjoying making friends and hanging out in the lounge car, and soaking up lots of electricity..

A bit earlier today, me, Scott and Haroon tested out chargers, documentary equipment, and train food. Check out the carnage here:


We made it so that I can mount the videocamera and my headlamp to my helmet! Right along with this, we got all the kinks out of using the handlebar and gorillapod mounts for the camera too! In terms of video and audio and light, I’m all set. In addition, I upgraded this WordPress account, giving me the ability to upload video. Sweet, right?


I’m having a relaxing time on the train today- hope you’re having a great, relaxing day as well!

Stay safe (I’ll try too),


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