Louisville, NE (Amtrak)

Good morning,

Firstoff: I actually got a number of hours of sleep last night! Feels great. More than anything, it will result in a much more interesting post, I think. I’ll elaborate, and likely show you that while I’m still quite wacky, I have more capacity to plan ahead when I am not outrageously fatigued. My TBI made it so that when I am very tired, my body just kind of ceases to function… Last night I wasn’t capable of staying awake during Haroon’s birthday dinner, so I was pretty much forced to excuse myself, pay my share, and stumble back to my reclined train seat! I’m happy to be able to function now.

I’ve already experienced a few minor issues during my train ride to CA, actually. If you’ve been following my twitter (on the right of the DougTrails page and on twitter.com as DougTrails), you read yesterday about how there was a train crash on this train line (the California Zephyr) in Nevada! A semi collided with the train at a crossing and it resulted in two deaths and about 100 injured of the ~220 aboard. I got scared voicemails asking if I was okay, so yes: I’m okay! My train trip will not be affected either.

The other hiccup: there was a scare that the wheel I was having built wasn’t even going to happen.. This was just a simple matter of checking with : both : locations of the bike shop that built the wheel though. I’m excited!! I’ll be a rolling powerhouse!

And finally: umm, there’s a cargo room on the lower level of the train that doesn’t have a door keeping me out. There’s absolutely room for a tent to fit in there… And guess what! I carried on my tent.. We’ll see. You’ll see it if I do it!

Keep checking here, keep donating, keep helping out in all the ways you do! I’m still threatening to write that insightful post, don’t you worry. 🙂



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One Response to Louisville, NE (Amtrak)

  1. Steph says:

    Camping would be awesome…. No camp stove in the train though!!

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