It’s almost time for another long, insightful train-induced post, putting my mission in perspective! I figure I should wait to do this, simply because I am currently sitting on the floor of the terminal in Chicago waiting for the train to be ready to board. We’re already an hour and a half late, but seriously, I’m in great spirits! I love trains, for sure. Do you? I like a slow and carefree way of moving great distances. Hmm, a bike might fit into that category too..

I am exhausted. I haven’t gotten more than 2 hours sleep in about 36 hours now. Oh well! I am determined to accomplish my mission, and fatigue will get a test of it’s power over the next 55 days. Yes, that’s right! Fifty-five days!

A quick story of overcoming and recovery: a co-worker at school told me yesterday that when he was young, he sustained a brain injury; a blow to the head by a hammer resulted in a fractured skull. I would never have guessed that, by how excellent he is at speaking and behaving. May you continue to be an excellent, powerful force in students’ behavior and well-being, E!

I’ll arrive in a new state (of mind and location!) on Sunday around 4pm PST. The DougTrails crew (Chrissy, Scott & Haroon) can’t wait!

Thanks for reading! I’ll check back later~ stay safe!



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2 Responses to DougTrails!

  1. Kirsten Jahn says:

    Hurray for trains! Stay safe!

  2. Judy Domanico says:

    Do I love trains? Yes. Especially when the people I love are safe and sound.

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