DougTrails Fundraiser Event: Success!

Hello everybody!

The DougTrails fundraiser was a huge success! I met some really amazing people last night, and I of course had an amazing time. I wanted to say that thank you to ALL of you who made it out to show your support and to do some carb-loading with me and lots of excellent people- those of you in attendance who wanted to had the opportunity to have your name on my bike frame.. I also (with HUGE help from the official DougTrails painter, Melissia Grosjean) have a new color scheme to the bike and there are lots of names of the :many: donors on it. I’ll take a much better photo of the bike with names tomorrow.. I was still spraying the clearcoat over the paint at 9pm this evening.

Here’s a few photos:

Today, Chrissy and I did our very first training ride together- it was definitely helpful. While Chrissy’s been planning and preparing for a long time now, it’s been very difficult to train with her living in State College, PA. So, today we rode 42 miles with our panniers and bags and gear all packed up, and tested our capabilities out. I think that we’ve both got enough strength for the journey! Are we completely prepped? Absolutely not.   I’ll call upon the magical powers of the signed Chris Carmichael water bottle to make sure that I can make it through all 3500 miles…

Alright, I’m going to update you again very soon! Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who came out and made it possible for the DougTrails initiative and fund to soar $1000 higher!  Amazing!

There’s just two weeks until the start of the DougTrails tour! I can’t wait to speak with TBI patients and survivors all over the country and inspire as many people as possible. : )


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