Update + Upcoming!

Hey everyone!

First, I apologize for not updating lately. Truth is, I’ve been doing everything behind the curtain instead of in front of it- Everything from having meetings (on phone and in person) for planning events, running fundraisers, organizing and planning the route, getting new supplies, passing out information about my mission, and lastly (but definitely not least!) training!

Last week, I received my set of Arkel panniers and handlebar bag for the tour! They’re really amazing bags and give me a lot of confidence to hit the road. I’ve now turned them into my everyday commuting bags and it’s making me physically incapable of not doing some sort of preparation on the bike every single day.   I also picked up a set of fenders for my bike, and enjoyed the extra amount of time it took to put them on…  And I’m really good with tools!

The fundraiser event in Manayunk is coming up very soon! Make your way out to The Bayou Bar and Grill at 8-10pm this coming Saturday night in Philadelphia to meet me, help mentally prepare me, and of course donate to the mission simply by attending. The ticket price for this open bar, food + raffle ticket event is $30 – and part of this will go to DougTrails!  But, don’t stop there, please. I’ve been accumulating some really excellent prize baskets to make sure that you don’t go home empty-handed with some absolutely awesome stuff. Get to drink as much as you like, eat as much as you can, and bring home goodies? Finally, there will be a 50/50 raffle- where you have the opportunity to win back some of your money (plus some!) I say it’s a done deal.

Prize Baskets to be awarded:

– Two (2) Baskets filled with different cosmetics and makeup, each valued at $50  (Thanks, Sarah!)
– One  (1) Teacher basket – you teachers want this! Prepare for your upcoming school year with pencils, pens, stationary, games, and supplies!  (Thanks, Sarah!)
– One (1) Wine basket – two to four bottles of wine perfect for a relaxing evening with friends or loved ones!  (Thanks, Dan and Jen!)
– One (1) Bike Illumination basket – $80 worth of exceptional bicycle lights (front and rear) by Princeton Tec lighting systems. I use these and swear by them already!  Great for commuting, night racing, or even to confuse small animals!  (Thanks, Justin at Princeton Tec!)
One (1!) Water Bottle Signed by Lance Armstrong’s trainer, Chris Carmichael! You know you want this! One use of this and you can feel Lance’s power seep into your muscles!  (Thanks, Ed!)

– [In the works] One Cycling Apparel basket – Jersey and shorts, make it perfect to avoid outrageous chafing due to birthday-suit bike rides!


Signed Chris Carmichael Water Bottle!

(From left to right: Sears cosmetic basket #1, cosmetics #2, and teacher basket)

Princeton Tec cycling lights: Swerve ($30 value) and Push ($50 value)

And! Because even just being at the event is a form of donation, you’ll get the same honor as any other donor: the chance to have your name written on my bike frame!

   Thanks, Everyone! I can’t wait to see you on Saturday. Bring everyone you know! Buy lots of raffle tickets! Have fun!

    (Lastly, keep checking my twitter (on right of this page), as I do update this frequently)


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