Hot off the press!


For the best of it, I’m here! I’m currently in Trafford, PA, which is just 15 miles out of Pittsburgh. The training tour’s over! I know, I know… I’m not in Pittsburgh so I shouldn’t stop now! But, there’s a number of reasons I’m calling it a day.

My list:
-most importantly: I learned and trained plenty! Just writing all the points here would take too long.
– safety: I kinda messed up my bike a few miles ago. The derailleur hanger’s bent and won’t allow me go do much shifting while in the big gear. Not good.
-safety no. 2: it’s 6pm, and I’ve reached the suburbs of Pittsburgh! Crazy drivers!
– I’ve traveled 325 miles over the last 5 days… I’ve had enough saddle time!

Muscles and soreness aren’t even part of the equation. 🙂 I’m glad I’m living my life and showing others that they should do the same!

When I get to a computer, I’ll update more! I’ll be here in Pittsburgh until Saturday. What should I do tomorrow?





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One Response to Hot off the press!

  1. Jaime Buncie says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you today for your lunch. I hope everything was good. I’m glad you are making your path safely. I wish you nothing but the best in your travels, and the best that life has to offer. Drop me a line anytime.
    Pizza counter chick

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