Bedford update

Hey everybody-

I’m now in Bedford county, rolling along slowly but steadily on Route 30. My deciding to stay on rt 30 was really because it heads right into pittsburgh- but, the downside is that it’s much less inspiring. Just lots or cars and trucks steadily passing me! Quite different from when Amish people passed me in Lancaster county and made sure to smile and wave! But, keep on keeping on.

The wind picked up, and the rain will come back soon I think. Whooeee! I’m ready. I do like how there’s a bajillion places that appear perfectly doable for pitching tent along rt 30.. It’s going to happen tonight! No more fancy schmancy hotels for me. No matter what!


The woman at the main desk of he hotel told me I’ve got a hilly 120 miles ahead of me. So, I’ll arrive in Pittsburgh tomorrow for sure. 🙂 train to Philly on Friday morn!

Keep checking on me! Haha. And keep riding!

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