Update: just Outside Arendstville

Hey everybody-

Day two is complete! I managed to ride a nice 95 miles today. This brings my total since yesterday morning to 147.3 miles. Not bad!

It’s especially not bad because I decided to be extra proactive with regard to the impending doom: mountains. I stopped at 3(!) bike shops in lancaster county until I found one that had a road cassette (the 9 gears in the back) that was made for attacking mountains with lots of teeth on the gears. For having stopped alot to buy a pair of leg warmers, a cassette, and a new chain, having rode 95 miles is killer!

Weather today was good, then daunting, then good again. As I rode through Lancaster city, I worried that it’d start raining. But, only like 2 drops came down. Best thing ever: the wind went away! Let’s hope it doesn’t join tomorrow’s rain party..

It’s funny, the things you do while solo bike touring.. Right when I woke up, I was singing (loudly no less) Rebecca Black’s horrible ‘Friday, Friday’ song. Then throughout the day, I was yelling town names as I rolled into them. And other things.. Like how i keep my iphone charger in my jersey pocket just so i can charge it anywhere i stop throughout the day. Finally, I ended up sleeping on the outskirts of an orchard on rt 234 outside Arendstville. I hope nobody comes hootin’ and hollerin’ for me to get off their land tonight!

Okay finally: since I’m out on the road, you might think I’m AWOL with regards to planning my summer tour. Nope! Keep shooting me those emails! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I wish I could have taken a photo of tonight’s camp, but I pushed my camp finding mission to the last moment. It’s dark now! I am not too tired, too!

Wish me and the rest of central PA luck tomorrow about the weather! Thanks for checking up!


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2 Responses to Update: just Outside Arendstville

  1. Kirsten says:

    Glad to see your posts Doug! Stay safe out there!!!

  2. Awesome progress today! Hope you were able to document some of it!

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