Day 3, lunchtime


Just a quick update while I let my electronics charge up.. I’m here in Chambersburg, enjoying some Popeyes Chicken. Mmmm. I tell co-workers (ashamedly) that I’m addicted to Popeyes, which is across the street from school. I mean really, how could you not be?!?

This morning had some might climbs. In fact, they were the same climbs that made me turn back last time I tried this route. So, I’m over the hump! Er, one of the mountainous ones. More to come! I can do it!

It’s raining so bad here, ever since I got on the bike. I do wish I’d brought the safety glasses I use as clear lens glasses for times like this. But, I know I can keep on, just need to be extra careful. 🙂 things are good.

Talk to ya soon!



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One Response to Day 3, lunchtime

  1. Brett says:

    No fenders?!?

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