Dougtrails Training Tour!

I’m in motion! This morning/afternoon, I started heading to Pittsburgh by way of Bike PA route S. I urge you to check back at least once a day to find out where I’m located! Click the ‘current location’ button on the navigation bar to see my recent location. right now I’m in Pughtown, outside phoenixville.

I’m riding paricularly slow, but moving no less. No problems so far! Aside from some back aches and tired muscles, I’m perfect! I will begin searching for a place to set up camp in about an hour, and I can’t wait. But yeah, I still need to buy some fuel for my homemade camp stove..

Anyways, thanks for checking- back to riding!

Pedal to the metal!



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2 Responses to Dougtrails Training Tour!

  1. Brett says:

    Hey Doug – I just read your post on the Drexel listserv about the cassette request from last week – did you find one? What’s your gearing setup like? I rode across part of PA a few years back and remember struggling up some of the hills with a triple with an 11-32 cassette in the back. Granted, I had front and rear panniers, a handlebar bag, and a rack bag making my bike weigh upwards of 75 pounds, but I’m sure you’ll run into much steeper climbs in the Rockies than the Appalachians. If you’re running 10 speed, you can purchase a Sram Red XX 10 speed mountain bike cassette – otherwise there are plenty of cheap (under $30) options for 9 speed cassettes with good touring ratios. As long as you don’t have a short cage derailleur, you should be able to stick a 32 or even a 34 on there. I can’t tell from your picture if you have a triple or not, but that is a good investment! A compact isn’t a bad choice either. Not sure if you plan on biking back from Pittsburgh as well or if you have your cross country trip all planned out, but if you have a chance, bike along the abandoned portion of the PA turnpike. A quick Google search will bring up tons of information about it including how to access it and some interesting history. I biked down it on my trip. Have fun on your trip to Pittsburgh – I’ll definitely be following along here and on FB!

  2. Lauren Mitnik says:

    Can’t Wait til you get here! Keep up the hard work. YOU ROCK!

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